Quality Statement

Denford Limited – a traditionally based UK Manufacturer of CAD/CAM Machines and Technology.


Denford Quality

Denford Limited has a proud history as a British based manufacturer and is steeped in the tradition of engineering and the manufacture of CNC machine tools.

With manufacturing facilities in the UK, Denford retains the best traditions of British machine tool design and has a well deserved reputation for quality and technological excellence; and with exports to over 80 countries, Denford products are used and acclaimed by leading education and training establishments throughout the world.

New product development continues as a key strategy for Denford Limited, whilst keeping their traditions of design and manufacture firmly based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

ISO 9001 Certified

Denford Limited is ISO 9001 certified and our products comply with all European Health and Safety requirements and have CE and UK CA Certification.

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