A compact, desktop 3 axis CNC router with totally enclosed interlocking guard, the MCR 100 has been designed exclusively for the manufacture of F1 in Schools cars, giving a high-quality, professional finish.

The MCR 100 is an easy-to-use, low-cost machine, which has been developed to make F1 in Schools more affordable and accessible to schools worldwide.

Mechanical Details

Machine Length (A) 550mm - 21.65in
Machine Depth (B) 490mm - 19.29in
Machine Height (C) 525mm - 20.67in
Machine Weight 45kg - 99.21lb
Travel X Axis 218mm - 8.58in
Travel Y Axis 75mm - 2.95in
Travel Z Axis 55mm - 2.17in
Max. Spindle Speed 29000rpm
Max. Feed Rate 5000mm/min - 196.85in/min
Max. 3D Profiling 4500mm/min - 177.17in/min
Spindle Motor 110V Supply 800W - 1.07HP
Spindle Motor 230V Supply 530W - 0.71HP
Axes Motors Stepper
Power Requirements Single Phase, 230V - 8A /110V - 10A
Frequency 50/60 Hz


The F1 Router comes as standard with:

  • VR CNC Milling Operating Software (PC not included)
  • QuickCAM Pro Software with F1 Car Wizard
  • Workholding for F1 Model Block
  • Long Series Cutting Tool
  • Outlet for Dust Extraction System
  • Installation and Instruction Manuals
  • USB Connection


Optional equipment includes:

Dust Pro 50 Extraction Unit, F1 Model Blocks

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