20% DISCOUNT (INCLUDING FOC CONSUMABLES BUNDLES) FOR ORDERS RECEIVED BY 13TH SEPTEMBER MAKERBOT METHOD 3D PRINTER Special Price: £3,445.00 + Delivery & VAT Offer includes the following items FOC: 2 x MakerBot Method True White PLA and 2 x MakerBot Method Precision Support Material, PVA MAKERBOT METHOD X 3D PRINTER Special Price: £4,480.00 + Delivery & VAT Offer includes the following items FOC: 3 x ABS-R Black and 2 x Rapid Rinse Soluble Support (only compatible with ABX-R) MakerBot Method & Method X 3D Printers offer affordable, professional 3D printing, creating accurate models and prototypes: MakerBot Method Bridging the gap between industrial and desktop 3D Printing and combined with MakerBot’s industry-leading accessibility and smart workflow features, the Method ensures dimensional accuracy and industrial 3D Printer reliability. MakerBot Method X Performance 3D Printer, producing dimensionally accurate, durable parts and prototypes – all at a fraction of industrial 3D printing costs. Print real, production grade ABS with a 100⁰C Circulating Heated Build Chamber powered by Stratasys® For further information contact or call us on 01484 728000 Note: Applies to UK market only  

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As Proud Founder and Sponsor of F1® in Schools, Denford is delighted to be the official supplier of F1 in Schools Race Equipment & Consumables – all of which have been designed and manufactured here in the UK. Cutting-edge equipment, which is continually being enhanced and developed, includes the lightweight, portable Race Track, and the Start Gate with clear display and data storage. All equipment combines the very highest standards of manufacture with the advanced technology required by competing teams. This latest brochure includes the F1 in Schools Router from Denford – designed exclusively for the manufacture of F1 in Schools Cars. Also featured is the affordable, entry-level Race System Package with Roll Out Race Track, and the new F1 in Schools Primary Class, which introduces Primary pupils to the exciting world of F1 in Schools!   Click here to download the latest Brochure  

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MACH 2022

F1 in Schools will be exhibiting at MACH 2022, on Stand 17-50, showcasing the world’s most exciting STEM Challenge, within in the Education & Development Zone of this prestigious event, which is being held at the Birmingham’s NEC, from 4th to 8th April 2022. One of the main themes of the MACH 2022 Education & Development Zone is the need to develop key skills and inspire the UK’s next generation of engineers, with a view to supporting the future of advanced manufacturing in the UK, and this is precisely where F1 in Schools comes in. The Challenge aims to raise standards across schools, promoting student achievement in STEM-related subjects and beyond, developing a new generation of engineers, technicians, scientists and entrepreneurs and encouraging students of all abilities to reach their potential. Visit the F1 in Schools Team on Stand 17 -50, where the F1 in Schools Race Track and Race System will be on display, along with CNC Routers and an Air Trace Visualisation Tunnel – all of which are designed and manufactured in the UK by Denford Limited – official supplier of F1 in Schools equipment. Click here for more information.

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Denford have taken delivery of an exciting new product: the Wazer, the world’s first Desktop Waterjet Cutter, and we are delighted to announce that we have been appointed Exclusive Educational Distributor for the UK! Compact and fully-enclosed, the Wazer is clean, safe and easy to operate and is able to cut any hard or soft material with digital precision. The high-velocity jet uses a combination of high-pressure water and sand-like abrasive particles to cut through the work piece, creating high-quality, intricate cuts and giving a professional finish. Available as either a desktop unit (Wazer Desktop), or complete with its own dedicated stand (Wazer Standup), the Wazer is an ideal addition to any classroom/workshop.   With its waterjet technology, the Wazer has significant advantages over conventional cutting methods: Cuts any material – such as steel, titanium, aluminium, glass, stone, tiles, carbon fibre Achieves intricate detail Requires no ventilation Results in a smooth surface finish No heat-induced material warping The Wazer is easy to set-up and use: just plug the device into a standard power socket, connect to a water supply and load the specified abrasive – then, input your SD Card containing the .svg or .dxf design file, press ‘Start’ and watch your shape being cut! To find out more, click here. Or for further information contact or call 01484 72800

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GET YOUR STUDENTS BACK ON TRACK WITH THE F1 IN SCHOOLS MINI-PROJECT - PERFECT FOR SUMMER SCHOOLS! With the Government’s Education Recovery Programme aiming to ensure that students catch up on months of lost learning, the need for rich, pacey, cross-curricular Projects is truly here. Click here to find out more. The Project is designed to capture the magic of the F1 in Schools experience in a condensed programme, enabling your students to design, make, test and race their own car designs, while also working on branding, marketing and sponsorship tasks as a focussed team. It is broken down into 8 sessions, with downloadable teaching and learning resources, giving a versatile and manageable programme – perfect for Summer Schools and ideal as a Transition Year Project or after-school activity! YOUR STUDENTS WILL LEARN AND EXPERIENCE: • hands-on learning • seeing ideas and designs come to life • developing skills in STEM-related subjects • building teamwork and inclusion • developing confidence • problem-solving • evaluating and improving designs • improving communication skills IN ADDITION TO FREE DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES, WHAT EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED? OPTION 1 - AIR-POWERED CARS • Project Starter Pack for 50 Cars • Air Launch System with Pump • 10m Roll-Out Race Track OPTION 2 - COMPRESSED AIR-POWERED CARS • Project Starter Pack for 50 Cars • Power Packs 4gm (pack of 300) • F1 Race System Package with 24m Roll-Out Race Track   TO FIND OUT MORE CLICK HERE OR CONTACT DENFORD EMAIL: SALES@DENFORD.CO.UK | TEL: 01484 728000

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