Designed with teaching and learning at their core, Denford’s high quality, intuitive machines are ideal for colleges providing Engineering-based T-Levels. The perfect tools to provide students with an in-depth understanding of CNC manufacturing, turning, and milling, these machines ensure pupils are equipped with the experience they need to progress into industry.

With prices starting at just £6,235, and products tailored to Entry, Advanced and Professional skill levels, there will be the right option for your classroom.

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Entry: Denford Duo

The perfect products to teach the principles of programming and manufacturing, the Denford Duo is a combined entry-level CNC Milling & Turning package. Providing students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the operation of machinery, the product is provided with a totally enclosed locking guard for the ultimate in student safety, alongside easy-to-use CAD/CAM software.

Advanced: Turn 270 Pro

Containing all the features of the entry-level Microturn Pro, the Turn 270 Pro also has a powerful 1.5KW motor, spindle bore of 25mm, 8 station programmable turret, spindle encoder, thread cutting capability, and a maximum component length of 270mm.

Advanced: VMC 1300

The advanced option for students, the VMC 1300 contains all the features of the entry-level Micromill Pro, with a 1.1KW spindle motor which makes it capable of cutting steel, and a larger work area to allow bigger components to be produced.

Professional: Turn 370 Pro

Ideal for colleges delivering courses which will see students manufacture larger components. the Turn 370 Pro contains all the features of the Turn 270 Pro, with improved capacity.

Professional: VMC 1300 Pro

Suitable for heavy duty manufacturing, this CNC milling machine has all the features of the VMC 1300, with extra power. With a 1.6KW servomotor and a variable spindle speed up to 6000RPM, this machine is ideal for cutting alloys and materials where higher spindle power and speed is required.