Leading interior trim supplier Transcal designs, engineers and manufactures seating structures and interior trimmed components for some of the world’s largest transportation organisations. From Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce and Gordon Murray Automotive through to Alstom, Great Western Rail, and Singapore Airlines, Transcal solutions can be found across road, rail, and aviation. The company recently purchased a VLS laser from Denford for use in their custom creations.

We spoke with Commercial Director Dawn Hornby to learn more about the ways in which Transcal is using the laser, and the benefits it has brought to their production line.

Why did you decide to purchase a VLS laser?

“We had an older laser on-site, but it lacked the power to create a consistent, high-quality finish, so we knew we needed to invest in a newer model – the only question was which one. We did a large amount of research to determine which would be most suitable, and the VLS laser was recommended to us by a university, so we reached out to Denford to discuss our requirements further – and the team there was exceptionally helpful in determining exactly what we needed.”

Could you tell us about the quotation and installation process of the equipment?

“To ensure the machine would be able to deliver the results we needed, we provided a CAD pattern to Denford and they created and returned a physical sample within days. We were delighted with the finish, and they actually helped us to meet a production order by delivering a full batch for use in a project! They really went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the machine and its capabilities, and when we were able to go ahead with the order, the installation was equally smooth. The laser was plugged in and ready to go within an hour and, thanks to its user-friendly software and interface, the Transcal team have had no issues in using it – it’s actually been in near-constant use since we purchased it.”

What benefits has the VLS laser brought to Transcal?

“The VLS laser provides Transcal with an exclusive in-house laser technique that we haven’t been able to find anywhere else – this means that, in addition to embroidery and debossing, we’re now able to provide our customers with another option for their fabric and material detailing. We’re able to create truly intricate patterns that elevate our seating covers and deliver a bespoke aesthetic and, as it can be used on a variety of fabric sizes, we’re using it on everything from 550 – 850 mm pieces, so it’s very flexible.”

Key Benefits

• Easy-to-use laser
• Wide range of capabilities
• Compatible with multiple material types
• Seamless quotation and installation service
• Fast delivery

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