Filled with engaging hands-on activities and free downloadable resources, this ready-to-go STEM programme means that you can save valuable preparation hours this summer and provide students with an exciting and educational experience.

What is the Denford STEM Project?

Working in teams of 3-6, students make, design, and race miniature air-powered cars, all the while learning about scientific subjects such as aerodynamics, downforce and drag. A four-step circular process, the project encompasses:

  • Make: Students fold chassis nets to make a basic 3D racing car, to which they add wheels and axles.
  • Design: Using learning resources to inform their designs, they then create and brand a car bodyshell.
  • Race: Teams go head-to-head on the racetrack and compete for the fastest speed.
  • Analyse: Students assess their car’s performance and analyse how it can be improved.

What does the Denford STEM Project include?

Costing just £1,300 (exc. VAT), this all-in-one bundle includes everything you need to run a successful STEM programme, including:


  • Rollout racetrack
  • Air launch system
  • Car project pack (qty: 50)


  • Instruction and fact sheets
  • Classroom activities
  • Units of work

What skills does the Denford STEM Project teach?

With its engaging activities and comprehensive resources, the Denford STEM Project teaches a wide range of skills:

  • Research and development
  • Design and engineering
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Teamwork and collaboration

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